Raising Money and Awareness for Pregnancy Care Center

Alaska Winter Wilderness Race February 17-19th, 2018

 Pregnancy Care Center in Homer, Alaska would like to purchase a sonogram machine. This is a way for the center to provide an ultrasound to women who are clients. It is a means for women to BE EMPOWERED, to make INFORMED CHOICES about their pregnancies.


One of PCC’s members (Annie Ridgely) will be running a human-powered ultra winter race by foot in hopes to raise enough money to purchase the ultrasound machine. With your financial support, there will be enough funding, and women will be informed before making a choice regarding their pregnancies.


You can pledge per mile (she may run anywhere between 1-100 miles depending on the conditions), pledge per completion of the race, both, or just donate a set amount. You can enter in your pledges below and after the race is done, we will let you know the details. Then you can access PCC website and donate DIRECTLY to them. They will mail you a tax deductible receipt.


Learn more about the race!