Community Celebration

Saturday, August 26

Starting in different locations all walking towards Homer High School Parking lot. As we get closer our groups will build in a show of unity for LIFE!

*Pick one of these 10 locations and start times.
McDonalds 12:40 pm, Paul Banks School 12:35 pm, Sterling Hwy & Pioneer 12:35 pm, Karen Hornaday Park 12:20 pm, Base of the Spit 12:20 pm, Faith Lutheran Church 12:15 pm, Kachamak Community Center 11:55 am, Ice Rink 11:40 am, Baycrest Lookout 11:25 am

*Walk to the parking lot of Homer High School (be there around 1:00 PM)

*Join us for a BBQ, Music, Games and many Door Prizes.